The immobilizer is a security system that does not allow the car engine to start if it detects that the vehicle is being stolen. This anti-theft method achieves its function through a series of codes that can be entered in different ways depending on the installation system.

Depending on the manufacturer we can distinguish several types of immobilizer:

Numeric keyboard
Infrared remote command
Encoded card
The most common today is the transponder key, a small integrated circuit that is capable of receiving one signal and responding with a different one. It is the same system that credit cards or even airplanes have. In this case, it is inside the vehicle key, when the key is inserted the immobilizer recognizes a code that we have already entered previously, if it does not recognize it, it will not start.

Along with the security system and vehicles, the transponder key has also evolved a lot over time and today we can find different types:

Unique code: it is the simplest of all and always has the same code.
Variable code: it has a security level a little higher than the previous one because the code varies from time to time.
Encrypted code: it is the safest of all, the immobilizer responds with a code but this is covered by another system.
Immobilizer parts:

Ignition key: has a unique code chip that receives power from a receiving antenna. When you bring it close to the ignition plate, it runs the car.
Receiving antenna: it is a circular shaped component that is connected to the immobilizer module and is activated by being close to the ignition key.
Immobilizer module: If the immobilizer does not send response to the engine, it does not inject gasoline and the vehicle will be immobile.
Computer: it is the part that orders gasoline to be injected into the engine so that the vehicle starts up, if this order is not issued the car locks up.
You have to be very careful not to lose the key because if the transmitter chip is installed in the smart key control, it is very expensive to replace it and in addition to the time it takes.