The Start & Stop systems automatically switch off the engine when some of these conditions occur and as long as it has previously exceeded 5 km / h or since the last time the ignition was made: vehicle stop, speed below 3 km / h (for example, at a red light), when the gearbox is in neutral or the clutch pedal is not depressed and if the steering wheel has not started to turn. The engine will not stop if it does not detect the neutral position on manual shift models. Starting with the Start & Stop system The engine will automatically start in response to driver action when single speed gear is detected and the clutch pedal is 90% depressed or when the clutch pedal is depressed 10% from neutral. In the automatic models, it is enough to move the steering wheel slightly. Furthermore, the system starts the engine automatically in other situations in which the driver may not act, such as when the vehicle starts to roll (speed greater than 5 km / h); when the battery charge level falls below the preset limits; the fogging sensor detects that the windshield is starting to fog; or the evaporator temperature exceeds the preset limits and the compressor needs to be switched on.